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The story of Origamy

My story

As far back as I can remember, I have always sewn with my grandmothers. To this day, these are my fondest memories. As a teenager, I abandoned this art until the day I felt the need to refocus on my personal well-being. I remembered this feeling of happiness when I made clothes for my dolls.

So I started sewing classes and I fell in love instantly. My goal was to create a lunch bag that met my needs. My colleagues then made me a few requests and I was inspired to try to sell bags and then expand my clientele.​

It all started with machines on my kitchen table that I took with each meal to my workshop, a large room in my house just for me. Initially, it was smaller bags, today, I develop my own patterns entirely and I make authentic backpacks with colorful fabrics that are as eco-responsible as possible.

Creation begins with textiles that inspire happiness in me and that bring a smile to my face or simply happiness. When creating, I have fun with the different textures chosen, I happily mix the patterns with the various colors.

My values

The words: personality, rigor, honesty and authenticity are what remain of my precious skills that I learned during my sewing sessions with my grandmothers at a young age. This is what I want to share with my clients.

My mission

I founded Origamy to enable women to
think about them and reflect their raw side in everyday life.​

My motto ? Everything is fashionable as long as it's beautiful. For me, fibers must be in the spotlight to express the
extension of themselves and their personal well-being.

It is with passion that I take advantage of the textures and patterns that give my clients the chance to have an extension of themselves with my collections of Lanaudois bags.

The origin of the name

Origami isn't paper folding?

Such! But for me it’s a nod to my youth.

When I was young, my family was not very rich. My father always took a $2 bill (yes, yes in those days it existed) and he made Origami for me. So I developed a love of creating cranes or frogs.. name it, along with the week's newspapers, it was the weekend activity.

Also, I really love all the incongruous shapes in this world! Whether in art, architecture or decoration. I put the y at the end, because my name is Mylène.