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Large Eli bag

Sale price$150.00

This backpack is ideal for carrying around all the essential items used during the day. You can fit a cell phone, a jacket, sunscreen, a change of clothes and snacks for the day.

The navy leatherette makes it super durable so you won't be afraid to drag it through all your daily activities.

Cork is a beautiful material with a casual chic look! This texture-rich material is eco-responsible, washable and vegan and above all approved by PETA. This textile is water-repellent and anti-mold and ideal for a backpack that you carry everywhere.

It has a large pocket with a magnetic snap button on the front to keep keys or cell phone within easy reach, perfect for accessing things more quickly.

There is a zipped pocket inside, if you prefer it to be less accessible to avoid theft of personal items. It can easily fold down to gain access to the interior.

There is a carabiner inside to hang the keys on to save precious moments searching at the bottom.

The interior is waterproof in black so as not to see stains. If ever a peach has exploded, don't panic: just wipe with a rag and you'll be done. The lining is not attached to the bottom of the backpack either to facilitate maintenance.

There are versatile straps: when you get out of the car, it's very practical to place it on one shoulder, but when you're walking for a long time, it's much better to put it on your back to have both hands free.

Finally, it is for busy mothers that we are to make life easier.

Large Eli bag
Large Eli bag Sale price$150.00