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Medium Lucia bag in khaki cork

Sale price$175.00

I wanted to craft my first vegan bag, entirely out of cork from Portugal. It’s such a perfect material, eco-responsible, approved by PETA in addition to being waterproof and antibacterial. All these beautiful features make it look simply wonderful. The softness and lightness of the fiber are very impressive.


Like most Origamy bags, it’s versatile and designed to be adaptable: worn either over the shoulder or on the back. The 2 straps, each equipped with 2 carabiner hooks are crafted to be adapted to all silhouettes.


It has a little pocket in the back to store your cell phone, keys and lipstick for a quick beauty touch up. It’s closed with a high quality magnetic snap button. In the front, I incorporated another stylised V-shaped pocket to give a fiery look.


As per usual, the interior is made of black fabric for easy maintenance, because a purse is much less interesting. Of course, like all my bags, it’s also waterproof, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will make it look like new.


My inspiration come from Mexico, more precisely Teotitlán Del Valle. A village that focuses on the art of carpets, I immediately liked it! Fun fact, I discovered this town when I was searching for a rug with an indigenous/Aztec/First Nation style. The women craft carpets using a manual loom that reminds of the ones my father used to make for my grandmother. Back then, we wove carpets with any possible leftover/scraps, I could’ve sworn it was a sign from her from above.


Finally, the fabulous angular patterns inspired the unusual shape of the bag’s sides, making it simply unique. That’s why I named her Lucia, one of the most popular names in Mexico.


For the size, I must admit that it seems small but surprisingly, it can hold a lot. It’s similar in size to the Nini. Size:

Height: 11 inches

Width: 9 inches

Depth: 5 inches

Medium Lucia bag in khaki cork
Medium Lucia bag in khaki cork Sale price$175.00