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Cinnamon cork floral Romane bag

Sale price$130.00

Inspired by triangles and angular features, I wanted to create a bag that is just as versatile and more stylish. After numerous attempts, I designed a pattern that has a fiery look and that I am quite proud of. I let my skills flow to create something different, the Romane.


With this design, there is no front pocket, but there is one on the back to remain functional and safe. It’s perfect for protecting your personal items without disturbing the style!


To follow your mood or your activities, the bag can be worn on either the shoulder or on the back! I put subtle little rings on the side and on the back so you can easily decide how you want it. It comes with 2 straps, allowing you to install them according to your preference.


Its size is ideal for bringing all your essentials. You can slip in a wallet, a bottle, snacks for your day and much more! 


The interior is classic made in black waterproof fabrics for easy maintenance. If your Purell opens in your bag, it wipes off like a charm! If you need to, you can easily rinse it under water to wash it. In addition, the lining is not fixed to the bottom, making it easy to clean life’s unexpected spills. The carabiner inside is always very practical for hanging your keys to save you minutes of your life. The zippered pocket inside is great for keeping your precious items close.


The exterior is made of marine faux leather: it’s washable, waterproof, and withstands UV rays very well. It’s also durable so you don’t need to worry about bringing your bag to all your activities.


The cork comes from Portugal and has really nice characteristics. I like this material for its raw side but also because it’s an eco-responsible, natural, vegan material that is approved by PETA. Besides being washable, hydrophobic, and mold resistant, it’s incredibly durable. It’s the perfect material to express your good taste and most importantly, your femininity.



Height: 12 inches

Width: 12 inches

Depth: 5 inches